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In spite of the huge potential benefits that this technology can offer, genetic modification still remains highly controversial. This unique shape enables the proteins to do their job as enzymes, hormones or forming structures in the body such as collagen.

Several hormones are involved in the menstrual cycle of a woman.

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Appreciate the historical developments of our understanding of the causes and prevention of malaria. HT only You should be able to explain how a change in DNA structure may result in a change in the protein synthesised by a gene. Both these mechanisms cause a transfer of energy from the skin to the environment.

Carrier molecules bring specific amino acids to add to the growing protein chain in the correct order. You should be able to interpret ray diagrams, showing these two common defects of the eye and demonstrate how spectacle lenses correct them.


You should understand social and ethical issues associated with IVF treatments. Perfect resources to give to non-specialists to deliver lessons with authority.

The new cell divides by mitosis. HT only You should be able to extract and interpret data from graphs showing hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. The kidneys produce urine by filtration of the blood and selective reabsorption of useful substances such as glucose, some ions and water.

A sequence of three bases is the code for a particular amino acid.

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Knowledge of the stages of meiosis is not required but you should have seen modelling of the behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis. Water leaves the body via the lungs during exhalation.

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Scientists have now discovered how to take genes from one species and introduce them in to the genome of another by a process called genetic engineering. In liver and muscle cells excess glucose is converted to glycogen for storage.

She may then become pregnant in the normal way. Ammonia is toxic and so it is immediately converted to urea for safe excretion. Knowledge of reproduction in organisms is restricted to those mentioned, but you are expected to be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages for any organism if given appropriate information.

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In Type 2 diabetes the body cells no longer respond to insulin produced by the pancreas. Luteinising hormone LH stimulates the release of the egg. Can I have IGCSE physics past paper questions on the topic light?

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Where can I download the NEET PG question papers? When will Edexcel's IGCSE results come out online for the June exams?

IGCSE Maths Edexcel Worked answers to real past IGCSE Maths papers from Edexcel in These papers are detailed step by step guides to the answers. We are working towards endorsement of our resources to support the new Edexcel GCSE Computer Science specification.

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Gcse past papers: science- core (edexcel) Gcse from > science-exams > question paper > june - unit b1 1f - question paper Past papers | nick dale Here is a selection of past papers organised by age group, subject.

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Edexcel online past papers science
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